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Find the best Canada esports betting sites that offer Canadian Dollar accounts


Online esports betting in Canada

From Canada, you can register, play and bank in Canadian Dollars at one of our six top esports betting sites. Canadian esports fans have a wealth of great options with the above providers.  You just need to figure out what is most important for you, and our site reviews can help with this.  Each review has a ‘bottom line’ summary that will tell you if the given site hits on your key points of interest.  If you prefer a little more detail, the reviews also address and grade the key points about the available esports league coverage, esports betting market coverage and the respective approaches to esports odds margins and esports promotions.  The reviews also touch upon the respective betting platforms for both mobile and desktop users.  The above rankings are based on these overall grades, but each site has different strengths in each of these individual areas of note.  

Is esports betting legal in Canada?

Online betting in Canada is essentially a ‘grey market.’  Provincial lotteries hold a de facto monopoly on sports betting through their various lottery corporations.  These include websites or sports lottery games that mandate parlays or combination bets, as single event betting is essentially outlawed by the Criminal Code.  Unfortunately, the coverage of esports is highly limited or non-existent with these options.  As such, licensed ‘off-shore’ online gaming providers, some of which operate from sovereign First Nations territories in Canada are able to provide online gaming services to Canadians.  Due to this sort of legal vacuum and the fact that the esports betting providers listed above operate legally from their remote gaming jurisdictions, there is no risk of legal ramifications for Canadians that wish to bet with these providers.  In other words, there actually are top Canada betting sites that operate within the country’s borders.

Update: As of November 26, 2020, the Canadian Federal government has announced that it intends to decriminalize single-event wagering for operators within Canada.  With this development, many companies have publicly announced that they intend to enter various provincial markets for all kinds of wagering and gaming, including esports. Visit SNBet (SportNation Bet Canada) to read all the latest news developments about fully legal and licensed Ontario esports betting sites which are now live in the market. While Ontario now has its own regulated market, the so-called “rest-of-Canada” market segment remains unchanged. Players outside Ontario, but across Canada may play at numerous offshore betting sites.  Among the most prominent in the esports ecosystem are some seriously shady betting brands that should be avoided, as well as some “esports-first” betting brands that are based in jurisdictions with oversight that is lax-at-best.  SNBet also has a helpful page with the top Canada esports betting sites which serve players outside Ontario, that are part of wholly reputable companies.

Canadian Esports-only betting sites

Although we can understand that there is something interesting about a service that focuses on your passion for esports, esports-only betting sites have numerous drawbacks.  Find a full comparison of traditional sports betting sites vs esports-only betting sites on our home page.  To summarize the issue here, you will get better esports event coverage, more ways to bet, better odds and better betting platforms from well-established companies that are considered traditional sports betting providers.  Esports-only companies just do not have the scale to offer a safe, secure and superior service, since all they focus on is esports - which is a relatively small part of the overall betting marketplace.  It would be like only offering betting on basketball.  It simply doesn’t make any sense - bookmaking is bookmaking.  What does make sense for Canadian esports fans is to find the traditional online sports betting providers that have decided to offer incredible esports betting experience such as those above that serve customers in Canada.

Canadian Dollar banking with esports betting sites

From Canada, each of our listed betting sites offer a unique set of CAD banking methods so that you may avoid currency exchange costs.  This is an important thing of which to be aware.  Many sites look to fool Canadians with bonus offers quoted in CAD, but only offer USD accounts.  Canadian banks can make it difficult sometimes to pay with your credit card or debit card, even though they will be noted as supported by the given betting site.  As such, be patient and be prepared to use highly trusted and reputable bank debit services like Instadebit or iDebit or Citadel Instant Banking.  EcoPayz and paysafecard are also widely supported. Bank transfers tend to work well for larger amounts if that is your preference.  E-wallets PayPal, Skrill and Neteller are not available to use from Canada for online betting.  

Can I play casino games or poker at these sites from Canada?

Affirmative.  This is another important reason you should look to register with traditional betting sites that cover esports at a high level.  Traditional betting providers have the scale to offer highly regulated online casino, live casino and in some cases online poker.  

Esports in Canada

The esports scene in Canada is very strong in terms of participation, top talent and infrastructure. Top Canadian esports earners are among some of the best players in the world with five players in the top 100 by the end of 2018.  The top two athletes, Aui_2000 and Arteezy have earned nearly $2 million in prize money while competing in Dota 2 events for Evil Geniuses.

Canada’s emergence in esports in 2018 has become a model success that other relatively small nations can follow.  To go along with their top talent, organizers like Northern Arena ensure that there are top level events for local talent to hone their skills.  With their own major events, the Canadian esports experience seems to fit perfectly with their own national identity of acceptance and inclusivity.  This growing entrenchment within the younger demographic of Canadian society means that esports wagering in Canada is growing at a fast pace also.

Canada & Ontario are undergoing some change at the moment. When things settle down, we’ll get our list back online, but you can find some resources below to help you get started betting on esports online from Canada or Ontario.

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