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Find the best South Korea esports betting sites, some of which KRW accounts







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LoL, CS:GO, Dota 2, SC 2, Overwatch, Warcraft, R6, Rocket League & more!

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LoL, CS:GO, Dota 2, SC 2, Hearthstone, HOTS, R6, Overwatch, FIFA & more!


LoL, CS:GO, Dota 2, SC 2, R6, Rocket League, Overwatch, FIFA, CoD, & more!


LoL, CS:GO, Dota 2, SC 2, Overwatch, Rocket League, FIFA, CoD & more!

Online esports betting in South Korea

From South Korea, you can register and play at five of our top esports betting sites.  Betsson also offers accounts in the KRW so you may avoid currency exchange.   Choosing the right site from those listed above simply depends on the priorities for your experience.  Within each of our esports betting site reviews, we address and evaluate key points at each site including the respective approaches to odds margins, the available esports league and event coverage, the esports betting market coverage and  and esports promotions.  The reviews also talk about the respective betting platforms for both mobile and desktop users.  Each site has different strengths in each of these individual categories and each review comes with a bottom line summary that helps you quickly understand if the given site will match your requirements. The site ranking is based on the overall grades.


Banking with an esports betting site from Korea

Making payments to your esports betting provider is very simple.  Each betting site offers their own unique selection of payment methods, but popular ones for South Korea include: Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards, Astropay Card, Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz and bank transfers.  If your chosen betting site offers KRW accounts and want to transact directly in South Korean Won, KRW banking methods tend to include Visa, MasterCard, Skrill and bank transfers.  If you would prefer to make payments via Bitcoin, Betsson will allow you to do this.

Is online esports betting legal from South Korea?

Providing or hosting a gambling operation is illegal within Korea.  You would not be advised to attend or used such services or participate in their operations.  However, betting online with an off-shore provider does not carry any significant risks for people looking to bet on esports or other sporting events as these services operate legally through their remote-gaming licenses.

Korean Esports-only betting sites

While it might sound interesting to play with a service that focuses on your passion for esports, esports-only betting sites have many serious negatives compared to traditional providers.  We outline a full comparison of traditional sports betting sites vs esports-only betting sites on our home page.  You can find more detail there, but briefly, with the incumbent traditional betting providers, you get better esports event coverage, more ways to bet, better odds and far better betting platforms from companies that are stable and well-established companies.  Esports-only providers simply do not have the scale to offer a superior, safe and secure service.  Since they only focus on esports - they have missed out on the larger market.  It would be like a betting site that only offers basketball betting.  It just does not make any sense - bookmaking is bookmaking.  What does make sense for Korean esports fans is to find the traditional online sports betting providers that have decided to offer incredible esports betting experience such as those listed above that serve customers in South Korea.

Esports in Korea

South Korea is in love with esports. The depth of field in Korean esports is astonishing.  In 2018, the top Korean esports earners held more than 200 Korean athletes among the top 1,000 earners.  This means that a single country of about 51 million people contributes more than 20 percent of the world’s best esports players.  This has led some to compare Korea’s level of dominance in esports to Germany’s level of dominance in football.  Given the numbers, it’s difficult to argue.  Beyond a large middle class with access to gaming devices and the talent that can grow in a natural grass-roots fashion, Korean esports has developed to such a high level due to advanced esport infrastructure, investment and organisations like KeSPA and the Korean Esports Network - OGN.  To this point, the most elite esports athletes have come from Northern and Central Europe.  Esports is so entrenched in Korea now that there is no doubt, very soon, South Korea will develop a top-five-calibre esports athlete of their own.  

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LoL, CS:GO, Dota 2, SC 2, Artifact, FIFA, Rocket League, R6, Overwatch more!

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