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Online esports betting in Norway

From Norway, you can register, play and bank in Norwegian Kroner at five of our top-ranked esports betting sites. Making the best choice for yourself really only depends on the aspects of your experience that will be most important to you.  We review each esports betting site to address and evaluate key points about esports league coverage, esports betting market coverage (the different ways you may bet) and the respective approaches to esports odds margins and esports promotions.  The reviews also discuss the respective betting platforms for both mobile and desktop users.  The above rankings are based on these overall grades, but each site has different strengths in each of these individual areas of interest.  Read the reviews to find which esports betting site will be best for you.

Norway Esports-only betting sites

Although it may sound interesting to pursue a service that solely focuses on your passion for esports, esports-only betting sites have numerous drawbacks.  Find our complete breakdown as we compare traditional sports betting sites vs esports-only betting sites on our home page.  More briefly, you might not think it makes sense, but with the top traditional sports betting sites, you get better esports event coverage, more ways to bet, better esports odds, far superior betting platforms, all of which come from highly-reputable and stable companies.

Esports-only betting site companies are relatively very small.  This makes them more susceptible to the swings of bookmaking, so your money is less secure.  It also means they do not have the scale to offer a superior service, since all they focus on is esports - which is a very small part of the overall betting marketplace.  It would be like only offering betting on American Football.  It just doesn’t make any sense - bookmaking is bookmaking.  What does make sense from your perspective is to find the traditional Norway betting sites that have moved to offer incredible esports coverage and odds such like those listed above that serve Norway and offer NOK accounts.

How to make & accept payments with esports betting sites from Norway

From Norway, you can expect to make payments to the above providers in Norwegian Kroner, direct to NOK betting accounts with no need for the costs incurred through currency conversion.  The above providers will each support a unique selection of banking methods.  Methods tend to include e-wallets like Skrill, Neteller or EcoPayz.  A prepaid card solution that is popular is paysafecard.  Bank debit solution, Trustly, also may be available, and of course Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards are most popular.

Is online betting legal in Norway?

It is legal, but the Norwegian government has been very aggressive in trying to block internationally licensed gaming sites from serving the Norwegian market, in the hopes of funnelling players to the government-run gaming monopolies which includes Norsk Tipping.  The problem with this is that if you are an esports fan, there is very little in the way of esports betting options on these government-run sites.  As you look for alternatives, the government may look to block your access to the sites listed above, or they may work with Norwegian financial institutions to block direct payments to betting providers.  

On the positive side, all the above betting sites cover esports well and will serve the Norwegian market.  You just may need to make use of a couple easy work-arounds  If you have problems making direct payments with a bank or credit card, simply use one of the listed intermediary solutions like an e-wallet or a prepaid solution so that the government cannot intercede in your choice to play with these sites on the esports you enjoy.  Some also support payments in bitcoin. If you have trouble accessing these esports betting sites, simply use a VPN to access them.

Can I play casino games or poker at these sites from Norway?

You can indeed play online casino and and live casino games at all of the above providers from Norway.  If you would also like to play poker against other real people, Unibet offers substantial poker rooms with sizeable communities.   (If you just want single player video poker games, these are found within the online casino areas).

Esports in Norway:

In comparison to other Nordic countries, Norway tends to sit behind Denmark and Sweden in terms of having the most talented esports athletes.  Although there are two top Norwegian esports earners in the world’s top 500, Denmark and Sweden are punching above their weight when compared to their population.  Although they are somewhat lagging behind at the top level of esports, the progressive nature of Norwegian society means that esports is making great strides that will ensure more top esports athletes will come from Norway as some Norwegian public schools now offer esports classes.  With more and more players getting top-level instruction, there will certainly be an increase in the number of professional esports teams in Norway to rival the likes of Riddle - Norway’s top esports team.

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