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Online esports betting in the Netherlands - unfortunately, it is not allowed.

From the Netherlands, for a very long time, it has not technically been legal to place wagers online for sports or otherwise.  This changed in October 2021 when the KSA opened the Dutch market to regulated operators to begin taking sports and sports wagers.  However, the KSA does not recognise esports as a sport, hence you cannot bet on esports from the Netherlands.

Is it legal to bet on esports from the Netherlands?

Dutch gambling regulators have now made it legal to play with licensed gaming providers for traditional sports betting.  Previously, the Dutch regulator’s main point of prevention on the consumer-side of things was their attempt to prevent payment providers from processing payments to these companies that still tried to serve Dutch players.  This attempt largely failed as most payment providers still process payments to unlicensed companies.  The bigger regulatory ‘hammer’ came in the form of large fines levied on the gaming providers.  From a consumer perspective, the regulators may wish to prevent your use of the gaming service, but there was no real ‘penalty’ for doing so.  Given the large monetary penalties for unlicensed operators that serve the Dutch market, many operators moved to restrict and prevent residents of the Netherlands from accessing their betting service.  This is why it was difficult to find a provider that serves Dutch customers or find so-called ‘Netherlands betting sites’ , let alone esports betting providers.  From 2021 onward, this process of consumer research will become easier as the KSA will allow for the marketing of these services to their citizens as long as important rules are followed, but esports betting will not be a legal activity in the Dutch market.  

Banking with traditional sports betting sites from the Netherlands

Dutch esports fans can make payments to KSA betting sites with methods like debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, Klarna (Sofort) among other very popular bank debit and credit methods.  The actual options may vary from betting site to betting site.  

Esports in the Netherlands

From a national perspective, the Netherlands is not quite as competitive as some of their regional, northern Europe neighbours.  With that stated, there are still several top performing elite-level esports competitors.  The five top Dutch esports earners are in the world’s top 500, which is a solid level of status for a country of about 17 million people.

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