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LoL, CS:GO, Dota 2, SC 2, Hearthstone, HOTS, R6, Overwatch, FIFA & more!

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LoL, CS:GO, Dota 2, SC 2, R6, Rocket League, Overwatch, FIFA, CoD, & more!

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Online esports betting in New Zealand

From New Zealand, you can register, play and bank in New Zealand Dollars at three of our top esports betting sites (The others don’t serve New Zealand or don’t offer NZD accounts).  New Zealand esports fans cannot make a bad choice with any of the above betting providers.  Making the best choice really just boils down to the aspects of your experience that are the highest priorities for you.  Each of our esports betting site reviews address and evaluate the crucial points about their esports league coverage, esports betting market coverage and their respective approaches to odds margins and esports promotions.  The reviews also discuss each respective betting platform for both mobile and desktop users.  The above rankings are based on these overall site grades, but each site has different strengths within these individual areas of note.  Read the reviews to find which esports betting site will be best for you.

New Zealand Esports-only betting sites

While we understand the motivation to find a service that focuses on your passion for esports, unfortunately esports-only betting sites have many drawbacks to consider.  You may read our full breakdown as we compare traditional sports betting sites vs esports-only betting sites on our home page.  To quickly summarize the issue, traditional sites actually offer a better esports betting experience with better event coverage, more betting markets, higher odds and more innovative interfaces, all from reputable and long-established companies.  

Esports-only companies that serve New Zealand are all relatively young.  They simply do not have the scale to offer a safe and superior service, because all they focus upon is esports.  Esports is still a relatively small part of the overall betting marketplace so it would be like a site that only offers betting on boxing and MMA.  It just would not make any sense - bookmaking is bookmaking.  What does make sense from your perspective is to find the traditional New Zealand betting sites that recognized the importance of the esports segment of the market and have moved to offer top-level esports betting such as those providers listed above that serve New Zealand-based customers and offer NZD accounts.

Banking with an esports betting site from New Zealand

From New Zealand, you can expect to make and receive payments with the above providers in New Zealand Dollars - no need exchange funds, or incur the associated conversion fees.  Popular banking methods for use from New Zealand tend to include POLi Payments, Visa, MasterCard credit and debit cards, paysafecard, Skrill and  bank transfers.  

Is online betting legal from New Zealand?

Yes.  The New Zealand Racing Board has a statutory monopoly for gambling within New Zealand with regard to sports and horse racing wagering.  Although the NZRB holds this monopoly within the confines of New Zealand, their esports offerings are limited at best.  Luckily, many internationally respected online betting providers serve New Zealand customers because they operate through their remote-gaming licenses as they exist off-shore, outside of the New Zealand jurisdiction and prescribed New Zealand Monopoly.  Thus there is little to keep interested New Zealand esports fans from finding the betting providers that will cover esports in a far superior fashion when compared to the TAB.  Simply read about them above or through their review links.

Can I play casino games or poker at these esports bookies from New Zealand?

Yes, you can.  Again, there are no legal worries to speak about from New Zealand.  bet365 offers a poker platform.  All the top NZ esports betting sites that we list also offer online casino games.  All listed sites also have live casino options where you can play with a real-life dealer.

Esports in New Zealand

Esports has not quite exploded to the degree that it has in some nations of similar population and economic size.  Nordic nations in Europe for example have experienced a heavy development of esports organizers, federations and events.  This has lead to elite esports athletes in these similarly small countries that have risen to the top ranks of the esports world.  Through 2018, none of the top New Zealand esports earners are in the top 1,500 world esports earners.  This situation will surely improve as further investment and awareness in the space is being moved forward by organizations like the New Zealand Esports Federation - NZESF.

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LoL, CS:GO, Dota 2, SC 2, Artifact, FIFA, Rocket League, R6, Overwatch more!

Betsson Esports Review

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